I’ve tried summarizing all of the pros of becoming a monthly member.

When using imaplus, there are non-membership plans where you can use the service for a set amount of hours, or an unlimited monthly membership plan.

It’s not just an unlimited use plan, there are various other merits to being a monthly member.
You can also come to test out the service or use our non-membership plans, so please come and take a look!
At imaplus, there is both a community space for communication and a silent work space where no talking is allowed.

One of the features of imaplus is that on days where you feel like working while talking you can use the community space, and on days where you want to concentrate on your work you can use the work space.

We have a ‘free address’ policy, so you can move where you work every hour.

At imaplus, we are open from 6am until 10pm 365 days of the year. Depending on the monthly plan the times you can use it are different, but even with the cheapest 5000 yen a month basic plan you can use the spaces during our staffs’ working hours of 9am – 7pm on weekdays, and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays.
If you become a monthly member, you can also bring someone else for free for an hour every day.

For example, if you wanted to study with a friend for one hour it is free to bring someone along, so even if you study for two hours one of those will be free.

As well as this, if you are on a plan that allows you access outside of staff working hours, including Sundays and holidays, you can still come to imaplus and study together for an hour for free.

For adults, it’s convenient for work related meetings as you do not have to ask the other person to pay for their first hour.
(Only one person can enter for free per day, so if you bring two or more guests it will not be free from the second person.)
You can get a discount at an affiliated co-working space either inside or outside the prefecture if you become a monthly member.

Just by saying that you are a member of imaplus, your usage fees at other co-working spaces will be half price!

We plant to make more affiliations in the future, so by becoming a monthly member you will be able to use the membership for discounts in other places.

List of current co-working space affiliations
For current imaplus monthly members we offer a use of our address and a corporate registration service for only 5000 yen a month.

It’s a perfect service for those who want to open a business but do not want to use their home address on business cards, or for those who want to have both a corporate registration and have their own work space together in the same place.
A mail proxy service is also included in the 5000 yen charge, so you can also have packages sent to imaplus when you aren’t able to receive them, which will be kept in a locker.
There is also a meeting room, which is a private room for up to 12 people. Usually it is 1000 yen per hour of use, but this is half price for monthly members.

If you were to use this room for ten hours a month for seminars or a study group, this would normally cost 10,000 yen. For members this becomes only 5000 yen! Please give our meeting room a try if you’re looking for a convenient place close to the station.
As well as reserving this room in person, you can also reserve by phone or using our online form.

If you can’t easily get to us during staff working hours, please use our online form.

Feel free to give imaplus a try if you’re looking for a “third place” away from both home and work.
Please also take a look if you would like to use our address or corporate registration service.

Imaplus Japan is the local coworking spce